Pe Announces Launch Of New Radio Bodycam Which Incorporates A Wearable Camera And DRM Radio Feature

Body-worn Camera & DRM Radio

Every every second brings new developments, and the situation grows more and more precarious—especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Security firms, corporate sectors including banks and airports, as well as even retailers, are concerned about the growing issue of violence and abuse encountered by their personnel.

Protection firms began providing body cameras to their security officers as a means of ensuring the safety of their employees. The quantity of equipment does, however, tend to put more physical strain on security staff.

Pe just introduced its new radio bodycam X5 model, an integrated device featuring a wearable camera and DRM radio capability. The new model combines practical demands and modern elegance.

How Carbyne and Cisco Are Making Smart Cities Safer

Carbyne and Cisco have teamed up to deliver a cloud-based, end-to-end NG911 call-handling ecosystem or an NG911 rich data plugin for legacy systems that does not require the replacement of existing solutions or equipment.

10 April 2019, New York, USA – Carbyne, a global leader in public safety technology, announced today that it will collaborate with Cisco, a global leader in IT and secure networking technology, to provide cloud-based and IoT-enabled solutions for emergency dispatch centers. Carbyne’s next-generation emergency services technology will be available as an integrated part of Cisco® Kinetic for Cities, a secure IoT data platform that provides automated data sharing across community infrastructure, smart city solutions, applications, and connected devices, thanks to its status as a Cisco Solution Partner.

Carbyne will be the Cisco Marketplace’s exclusive 9-1-1 solution, with additional solutions for foreign emergency numbers, social worker safety, and private safety. Emergency service providers will be able to choose between a full cloud-based call-handling ecosystem or an NG911 rich data plugin for legacy systems with this new solution. Neither alternative necessitates the replacement of existing infrastructure or solutions.

Carbyne provides emergency dispatch centers with rich, accurate, and insightful data from any connected device, including highly accurate location services, real-time video streaming, voice over IP, chat, and other potentially life-saving information. By combining Carbyne’s technology with Cisco, local government-run IoT devices and sensors will be able to interact and share data, providing critical information to emergency responders. First responders benefit from the connected infrastructure and components because they improve situational awareness, resource allocation, decision-making time, and error reduction. All of these emergency system modifications contribute to increased responsiveness to people’ needs.

For ongoing smart city projects, Cisco® Kinetic for Cities strives to increase operational effectiveness, promote flexibility, create possibilities, and decrease risk. The cloud-based platform and Carbyne’s public safety solution will enable emergency dispatch centers to be constructed in remote areas – anyplace with an internet connection – and will ensure that they remain operational even during emergencies and disasters. Cisco’s integrated security offering adds additional layers of protection to protect assets and caller data.

“We’re excited to combine Cisco’s technology with our unique public safety solution, offering safer settings to towns eager to expand their smart city capabilities and leverage current investment,” said Amir Elichai, Carbyne’s CEO and Founder. “We’ll offer government agencies and emergency services with the tools they need to harness innovative digital technologies for the safety of their citizens in partnership with Cisco.” We profit from this connection as a global partner by expanding the distribution of our next-generation emergency services solutions around the world. This collaboration with one of the world’s most influential technological companies is a major vote of confidence in our life-saving technologies. Carbyne is introducing the best next-generation call handling solution in the world in collaboration with Cisco.”

“The new technology creates a secure cloud-based, globally resilient, and scalable emergency communications capability.” “This collaboration enables vital interoperability between Carbyne and Cisco’s IoT data platform, Kinetic for Cities, for unique community insights that keep citizens safer, informed, and more connected,” said Craig Coale, Senior Advisor for Public Safety and Defense at Cisco. “This is the next step in public security.”

Carbyne’s bio

Carbyne is a global leader in public safety technology, enabling citizens and Public Safety Answering Points to communicate in real time during emergencies. Its cloud-based Next-Generation 911 incident response system is supported by a robust ecosystem and runs on a worldwide infrastructure. Carbyne is boosting the future of public safety and first response by providing innovative IP-enabled communication features, AI-enriched response functionality, IoT-enabled capabilities, and state-of-the-art caller solutions.